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Character; Series: Alecsander [Alec] Ryuunosuke Edwards; Ardent Sin (Original)

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Character Type: Secondary Character

Digimon Partner: 'Buwny' Gummymon <- Terriermon -> Rapidmon (Armour) -> Rapidmon (Perfect) -> Saint Galgomon

D-Comm Colours/Symbol: Linkage~!

Imported from Another RP?: No

Character Appearance: Photobucket

Character Age: 6; Born July 17th 1934

Character History: Alec was born on a humid day in mid July in Paris, France. He already had an older sister, Monako Lise Edwards, who had been born six years earlier. His parents: Reiko Hiyama, a Japanese Hawaiian who had transplanted to Europe to search for her younger brother Raito, and Mitchell Edwards, a German-Brit who spent his teens to early twenties with his younger brother 'exploring' the world from Cairo, to Turkey, to Belgium, much against their father's desires. Rei and Mitch had met on the French-German boarder, argued all the way to Berlin, and become engaged nine years later once they had finally found Rei's brother living in Paris. The family settled in Paris, even as tension began to build in Europe again. Mitch found a job at the University Library, while working with Rei's brother Raito as a spy for the Secours de ce Monde. His mother worked as a freelance mechanic before opening her own shop. Mitch's younger brother Allen worked with Rei, then started back at school to become a linguist.

By the time Alec was born, Europe had exploded back into war, although with the capture and execution of the Kaiser about a month later, it looked like the war was nearly over. Even so, Mitch worried that the Kaiser's death might send Europe farther into war before it finally ended. He packed up Rei's and the children's belongings, and in October of 1934 moved them to Cairo to live with some friends. Allen joined them a few months later, and Mitch returned to Europe to help the Secours.

Alec quickly grew to be inquisitive of the world around him. He enjoyed playing out on the edges of the city, and drawing patterns in the sand. In April of 1935, Mitch sent word that their grandmother had died. Their father had vacated the family estate in London years before, so on their return to Europe they would be moving to London. The war finally wound down by the end of 1935, and while Cairo's heat had been a nice break from Europe's cold weather, Rei was beginning to get increasingly tired of the even more male dominated Egyptian culture. By his second birthday, Alec, his mother, sister, and uncle had moved to London.

Since Alec hadn't seen his father since a few months after he was born, it took a little while for him to warm up to Mitch. But as soon as he did, his father was his new favourite playmate. With the war over, Mitch only had his job as a librarian. Though, he soon decided to become a writer, so that Rei would have the time to open another mechanics shop. Mitch took over teaching Alec the various languages that the family spoke. It was a little after he turned two, that Alec began showing signs that he may have some magic abilities. At first his parents just thought they were being forgetful about where they had put something. But when they kept finding the missing items in Alec's crib, they began to wonder.

As he turned three, Alec was beginning to use his abilities consciously. Even though magic was no longer illegal, it was still considered a taboo by some, and many of the parent's with children Alec's age wouldn't let their children near him. Alec didn't seem to mind. He enjoyed playing by himself, or with his sister. He loved drawing, and to have stories read to him. So even without friends his age, Alec was a happy child. This did lead him to developing a close friendship with an invisible friend however. The invisible friend took the form of a stuffed white rabbit his late grandmother had given to him at birth. 'Buwny' was always a captive audience if no one else was around. It made the stuffed rabbit the perfect playmate.

Alec's control over his magic only got better as he grew, but he also started to have new abilities that he was unfamiliar with. Mitch and Rei decided to ask Rei's younger brother Raito for help. So Raito began teaching Alec the rules regarding when to use magic, and why to use it. Although Alec didn't always understand what he was being taught, he did his best to be a good student for his uncle.

But there is no such thing as a perfect, post-war world. Even four, almost five years after the assassination of the Kaiser which had finally tipped the majour scales towards the occupied areas of Europe, there were still a variety of extremists willing to fight to keep that hold. As the German Imperial Military began to fragment and fracture, units of magic users, under the command of Generalmajor Elliot Wasser. Not only was he power hungry, sadistic, and bent on keeping and returning previously occupied countries back under German command. Wasser wasn't afraid of taking out his opposition metaphorical chess piece by piece.

Wasser began tracking down people who had been involved in the various resistance groups, and attempting to wipe them out. The Secours in particular had been a very large thorn in his side, and since Mitch, Allen, Rei, and Raito had all helped the group in various ways over the years, they were on his list. The ex-German officer sent a small group ahead of him in the middle of the night. Another ex-soldier who had long worked for Wasser broke down the door, and the assassination party poured into the Edwards' family estate in London. Mitch was the first one to hear the intruders, and quickly woke his wife, grabbed his pistol and pulled her out of the room towards the nursery. They met Allen and Raito part way and began to run when they heard Monako start to cry. Wasser had ordered his troops to start with the children, after all, what was more precious to a parent?

When they got to the nursery, Wasser was there, holding a gun to Alec's head. He'd struggled at first, but had received a slap to the face that had left the small boy dizzy. Raito acted first, the other three adults seemingly frozen in fear. Muttering spells under his breath, Raito forced Wasser's hand, moving his aim away from Alec. The shot still went off right near his head, and Alec cringed at the noise, suddenly feeling very sick and dizzy. There were more shots and he dropped to the floor, crawling under his bed with his hands over his ears. He could hear his dad yelling still, and more gun shots and crashes. Someone grabbed his leg, and he shrieked, kicking at them as hard as he could as they pulled him out from under his bed. There was another shot, and the man slumped forward, landing against the bed. Blood began to drip slowly from the wound, and onto Alec, who was partially trapped under the full grown man. He closed his eyes to keep the blood from getting in them, and that was the last thing he remembered.

Character Personality: Alec is a very energetic, bright child. He loves exploring, going on 'adventures', and stories. For such a small child he has a good attention span, though he does get more fussy when its past his bed time. He likes people, though he can sometimes be shy around 'important' adults like parents, teachers, or his parent's friends. He's generally well behaved, though he does have a tendency to wander off to go play by himself and worry his parent's half to death. These 'adventures' more than often land little Alec in some form of trouble ranging from getting lost, to getting trapped in the cellar, etc. He gets the 'curiosity killed the cat' lecture often. He's very confident in himself, though not quite to the point of being cocky. However he doesn't always pay attention to danger or warnings, thinking he'll have no problem handling them (yes he's very much like his dad in that way).

Being so young, Alec also tends to get upset at smaller things, like a ripped page in a book, or his sister's teasing. He doesn't like it when other people are hurt or upset, and if his efforts to cheer them up fail, he's likely to become upset himself. Alec doesn't cry often, so to speak, rather he gets emotional and clingy, and maybe a little teary eyed. He has a stubborn streak just like his mom and dad, and always will try to win an argument. Even if he is 'out gunned' so to speak. If he doesn't win, he's likely to sulk or pout for a while, but it normally doesn't last too long as he doesn't hold grudges. He doesn't get angry too often, though when he does, he's capable of full blown tantrums involving many languages, items mysteriously moving about, and normally ending with him sulking, or wearing himself out to the point he's ready for a nap.

After the assassination attempt on his family, guns and the sound of gun shots greatly upsets Alec. Just like how some children hide during thunder storms, Alec will hide if he hears anything resembling a gunshot. If he's uncomfortable enough with the situation, he may freeze up or become sick to his stomach. The smell of gunpowder, and the sight and smell of blood only make this worse. Because of the same incident, he also doesn't like open flames, though he isn't as afraid of fire as guns.

Digimon Personality: (Hi, will be using gender neutral pronouns...^^;;)
Buwny is pretty much a rag doll with a heart beat. Zie pretty much goes along with what other people are doing and doesn't like to give hir own input. Instead, zie follows along happily (most of the time) and lets others take charge of things. Sometimes zie will give quiet encouragement or warnings, but other than that, zie won't do much to deter someone's path...even if it really truly is a bad idea. (With Alec, Buwny tries a little harder to deter him from going off alone, but he's a fairly confident, little guy, so most of the time this doesn't really work.) Buwny does like to help, but will normally wait to be told to do something, unless Alec isn't feeling well. Then zie will take out the initiative card to try and cheer him up. Zie is always ready to give hir tamer a hug if he needs one, and is perfectly fine with being drug around, held, and curled up with like an over sized plushie.

Since Buwny has such a submissive personality, zie doesn't often speak up about hir own feelings. Zie gets embarrassed about them when asked, and will mumble something acceptable for the situation and then try to change the subject. Zie just doesn't think that hir own feelings, wants or needs are all that important compared to hir tamer's and doesn't want them getting in the way.

Generally Buwny is a happy little Terriermon. Zie likes to play games, though zie sometimes gets scared in difficult or dangerous situations. But zie won't let hir tamer know that, since zie wouldn't want him to worry or be scared. Buwny doesn't like getting angry or other people being angry for that matter, so zie will often submit to the other person's idea, or way of doing things even if zie doesn't want to. Zie is very much a pacifier, and would prefer if everyone just got along. Zie is very protective of hir tamer though, and if someone is angry at him, or trying to hurt him, zie will not waste any time in protecting him.

Character Abilities: Magic seems to run through the male line in Rei's family. Because he is so young, his parent's aren't exactly sure how any future abilities may manifest, though Alec is able to control his current abilities to some degree. So far his magical abilities enable him to summon, relocate, and push small objects. He isn't always successful with his magicking attempts, which causes him much frustration. Raito thinks that with enough practice he may be able to move people and larger objects when he's older. Alec calls it 'popping' things because of the quiet popping noise that is made when he does this. There is also a residual burning smell, and what looks like sparks that are left behind where the object formally was. With enough concentration, Alec can also form small, protective barriers.

Mitch had just enrolled him in fencing lessons, but beyond the basic rules, and a few rudimentary sword handling points, Alec doesn't know much about it. Beyond his magic he has good listening and comprehension skills, as well as a very good memory. He speaks English and German with the fluency of a six year old and knows a handful of words and phrases in French, Arabic, Japanese and Pidgin.

Sample RP: Monako had woken up her little brother, and placed a hand over his mouth just as the men had stormed through the door of the nursery. She screamed and tried to get Alec behind her, but he was tired and confused. The men pulled them apart and Alec began kicking at the man that was holding onto him. Laughing, the man slapped him hard across the face, and Alec whimpered and instead went limp, hoping the man would let go. He was dizzy and he wanted to know what was going on, and why they were trying to hurt him and Monako. But they were speaking German too quickly for him to understand.

The man holding his arm leaned over to Alec and smiled, "Hello little boy, act nicely and I won't hurt you or your sister too bad."

Alec frowned, "Liar."

"Oh, you think I'm lying? That is too bad...I think my men like your sister."

"Don' touch Mona-neechan!" Alec yelled at him, trying to twist out of his grip.

The man slapped him again, "I said be nice." He pulled out his gun and held it up for Alec to see. "These are really useful, you know? I can get rid of everyone in the way of the empire with guns. My magic is useful too," he snapped his fingers together and sparks jumped to life in his hand. Alec tried to pull away again, but the man had a firm grip on his arm. "Don't you like magic little boy?" When Alec didn't answer, the man motioned for one of his men to bring Monako closer. "I bet your sister likes magic, doesn't she?"

Monako was crying by this point, and tried to squirm out of her captor's grip as the man that had Alec held the flame next to her face.

"Fire is pretty, isn't it little girl?"

Alec's sister sobbed and shook her head, as Alec could only watch in horror as the man tormented his sister. After a minute or so, the man grew bored however, and extinguished the flame. He pulled the gun back out and pressed it painfully against Alec's temple. "Your father is going to be very cross that you were not a good little boy." He said, then the door opened and Alec brightened a little as his father, mother and uncles appeared in the doorway. For a few moments nothing happened, no one moved. Then Raito stepped forward with a look Alec had never seen on his uncle's face before.

The gun went off next to his head, and Alec cringed away, trying to stay upright. He couldn't hear very well but the man had let go of him, so he got on his hands and knees and crawled along the floor until he was under his bed. He wanted the noise to stop, and the bad men to leave him and his sister and his family alone. The gunshots continued dully for a few minutes and he thought that his dad might have been yelling, but his attention shifted when there was a sharp tug on his leg. He yelped and kicked as hard as he could at the man trying to put him out from under the bed. Unfortunately this didn't deter the man at all, and he managed to pull Alec out, and was kneeling next to the bed when another shot was fired. The man slumped forward onto the bed and Alec struggled, trying to get out from under him. He was scared and he just wanted all of this to be a bad dream. Something wet started dripping onto his face, and when he touched it and looked at it, it was red and smelt like metal. Alec tried harder to get the man out of the way, but it was no use. His head was fuzzy and hurt, and his ears were still ringing. Trying not to cry, he shut his eyes to keep the other man's blood out of them.

Moments later everything was quiet and calm.

He blinked, looking around his strange surroundings. It was warm, even though he was in the shade. Sitting up, he could see sand in all directions, it was like what he remembered and had seen in pictures of his family's time in Egypt. He'd been laying under palm tree next to a tiny spring, and was still in his night shirt. There didn't appear to be anyone else around, but there seemed to be a lamppost on the other side of the spring. He didn't remember there being lampposts in the middle of the desert, even at an oasis. It was very strange, and very out of place. Looking around again, he got up and carefully crawled over to the spring, checking around the edge for anything that looked like it might make it bad, just like the hero in one of his dad's stories had done.

Leaning over the pool, he dipped his hands into the water and splashed it on his face. Most of it actually ended up getting his nightshirt wet, but he managed enough to scrub the blood off. His face and head still hurt, but at the moment he was more concerned (and curious) of his strange surroundings.

He heard a rustling at the other end of the pool and looked up to see a mostly white animal emerge with a basket full of something. It jumped in surprise, then hurried around the side of the pool, stopping right next to him. Alec blinked a few times, up close it was clearly not a rabbit, but he had no idea what else it could be. The rabbit like thing looked him over, seeming very concerned, then noticed how confused he was.

"Oh! I'm" It said quietly, not really sure what to say to its new tamer. "Are you alright? Does it hurt anywhere?"

Alec nodded slowly, "My face kinda hurts...and my arm..."

Nodding, the rabbit like animal turned to its basket and pulled out a funny looking fruit. "It looks like you might have some bruises, but if we put this on it, it shouldn't hurt anymore."


It moved closer and carefully smashed the fruit up and rubbed it on Alec's cheek and arm.

"What are you?"

"Huh?, I'm a Terriermon, I'm here to help you. What's your name sweetie?"

"Alecsander Ryuunosuke Edwards..."

The Terriermon smiled, "You're really smart, knowing a big long name like that."

"Everyone just calls me look like Buwny..."

"Who is that?"

Alec curled up a little, hugging his knees, "My stuffed rabbit. Nana gave him to me...but Nana isn't around anymore...I think he got left back at home..." Little Alec suddenly remembered that there was no one else around, which meant he didn't know where his family was, or what had happened or anything. Tears started to run down his face and he buried his head in his nightshirt.

"Oh sweetie...what's wrong?" Terriermon asked, touching his shoulder.

"I want my Kaasan and Papa and Mona-neechan and Aren and Rai-ojisan! But I dunno what happened...and what if the bad men got them!?"

Terriermon pulled him into a hug, and rubbed his back, "I'm sorry Alec, but we can try looking for them here...though they may not be here."

Alec didn't respond for a few minutes, but as soon as his crying began to stop, he nodded. "Okay..."

"Are you hungry?"

"No...I'm was nighttime at home."

"Alright, we'll get you somewhere you can sleep then?"

"Then we can look for my family?"

"Anything you want."

"Okay...can I call you Buwny...since you kinda look like him?"

Terriermon laughed a little and scratched the back of hir head. "Okay." Zie supposed there were stranger things to be called.

"Can I sleep here? Its warm, and I like the sand..."

The newly dubbed Buwny didn't think it was a great idea, but then again, it was peaceful, and zie would be there to look after him. "Okay, there's a blanket and things in your DComm." Buwny pointed to a brownish yellow rectangle that was still laying near where Alec had woken up.

Alec walked back over to it and picked it up, turning it over and over, looking more tired and confused by the second. "How does it fit...?"

"" Buwny would apparently have to give a lesson on how to use it later, but for now zie took the comm form him and realized the equipment. Alec was amazed by it, but he was already yawning. Buwny couldn't help but smile, he may have been horribly young, but he was the most adorable little thing. He curled up under the blanket and reached out for Buwny, who let him hug hir as he fell asleep.

Sample Journal Entry: [Image wavers for a moment, then Buwny comes into focus.]

Hello...I am looking for anyone that may be related to my tamer...

[The camera pans over to show Alec in the background, balancing on a log near one of the trees in the oasis.]

His name is Alecsander Edwards and he says his Kaa-san's name is Rei, and his Papa's name is Mitch. He also has a sister...Monako I think? And two uncles...Alec what are your uncles names again?

[Buwny turns and looks around, trying to find where hir tamer has wandered off to now. Zie looks up at one of the trees which is off screen.]

Alec!? How did you get up there? Its probably not a good idea to be climbing it like that...

It's okay! I climb the big tree in the garden sometimes!

[Buwny gives a worried sigh.]

What are your uncle's names?

Uncles? Um...Aren-ojisan and Rai-ojisan...are you talking to someone Buwny?

Yes, I am asking for help to see if any of your family is here.

Really!? I wanna help! Look out, I'm gonna jump!

Oh no! Alec! Don't you might hur--

[Alec drops in and out of view, then pops back up, dusting sand off of himself, and Buwny looks about ready to have a heart attack.]

How are you asking people when no one is here?

...your DComm can communicate with other people, like a phone.

Oooooooh. That's a little telephone.

Eh heh...yes it is sweetie...

[Connection terminated.]


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